Selfie Animated Gif
I created this piece to challenge myself to make a gif with more than just two frames that still seamlessly looped. I wanted to capture a simple moment in motion, and what better than a quick selfie!
Cat Animated Gif
I created this quick animation after I adopted my new kitty, Marten! I had never animated an animal before but what better place to watch a real life model than from the comfort of my own apartment!
Environmental Illustration Study
This project was a bittersweet one. For my Advanced Illustration class during my senior year at UCF, our final project was to create an Environmental Illustration of a "special" place. I decided to showcase myself doing one of my favorite things at one of my favorite spots to frequent during my time as a student on UCF's campus. It was a very lowkey and hidden koi pond amongst the busy campus and it was the perfect place to escape. I'm glad to have a piece to remember it by!
Geometric Retro Illustration
I was asked to make a wall print that encompassed the theme of "What Makes a Good Place." I chose to go in the direction of a retro collage in order to make a "mood board" of sorts that demonstrates what it looks and feels like to be in vibrant, lively and walkable city.
Illustration for Risograph Study
This piece was created in order to experiment with the process of Risograph printing. I chose a limited color palette that reflected the ink colors that the printer supported. I was also intentional with the areas that overlapped to create the purple shade that represents the darkest values in the piece. This was a fun study so I chose a fun subject matter to complement it- a self-portrait of me and my dog, surrounded by dynamic patterns.
Bouquet Animated Gif
This piece was a short and sweet project to hone in my animation skills. I wanted to create a simple looping animation utilizing only two drawings that "bounce" back and forth.   
Editorial Article Illustration
This was a piece was created for a project that tasked me to develop an illustration that complemented an editorial article. The article focused on "cancel culture" and the act of cutting toxic people out of your life. After reading, I immediately had the vision of paper dolls and that is the direction I ultimately ended up going. Although it was a fictional project, I thoroughly enjoyed creating an illustration I would not have typically made on my own and I enjoyed the challenge of the restraints the article gave.
Stylized Self Portrait
I created this self portrait as a cartoon identity of myself to utilize for profile pictures.
Phone Wallpaper Commission
I was commissioned to create a phone wallpaper that encompassed the client's favorite things.

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