I was tasked to create a company t-shirt design for the IOA Corporate 5K in Downtown Orlando. I researched the race route and found common themes in the different roads and districts along the path. The race begins on E Central Blvd which I identified as being mostly residential, but also has a prominent park. The route then turns onto S Bumby Ave which brings you to the Milk District. The Milk District is mainly identified as being home to the T.G. Lee Milk factory but also contains many happening bars/restaurants. After that, the path turns onto E Robinson St which has a lot of doctors offices and various firms. Then finally, the home stretch takes place on S Rosalind Ave, which passes by Lake Eola, home to Orlando's iconic swans.
I then took these common themes and created a fun story as to what may be going through a racer's head as they run the race.
Complementary Poster Design

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